Modern BBC hardware upgrades

I’ll try and put details of modern hardware updates available for the BBC here.

  • Gotek floppy drive emulator – acts as a floppy drive, attaches to the floppy interface, but allows USB flash drives to be used as storage. Simply fill a USB drive with disc images and then use the small display on the front of the Gotek to select which disc image is currently ‘inserted’ in the drive. RetroClinic usually has some on eBay.
  • VideoNuLA – “replaces the original video ULA IC in the Beeb, Master, B+ or Compact to improve the graphics capabilities. It provides an analogue palette of 4096 colours, gives 16 proper colours in modes 2, adds new attribute modes and hardware support for smooth horizontal scrolling.” Available from ‘RobC’ on the stardot forum.
  • Raspberry Pi co-processor – makes use of a Raspberry Pi to emulate a 65C102, 286, ARM or a number of other co-processors. Again, RetroClinic usually has some. Others too.
  • Ethernet upgrade for the Master series – allows Master to be connected to modern network. Available from Sprow’s webpages.