Revisiting Imogen

Author: Michael St Aubyn | Publisher: Micro Power | Released: 1986

Imogen is a puzzle game in which you take the role of a shapeshifting wizard. The idea is to work your way through 16 levels, collecting a piece of a spell on each one that will eventually be combined to free you from imprisonment. The really novel feature of the game is that you can change shape between the wizard, a monkey and a cat. Each has different abilities (for example, the monkey can climb up ropes and the cat can jump long distances) and the levels can only be solved by changing between the different forms at critical moments.

The graphics are monochrome, but are beautifully drawn and animated.

I recently introduced my 9-year old son to Imogen and I was pleased to see that it still retained interest for a child used to far more powerful games machines than the BBC Micro. One thing that did slightly shock a modern audience (me, more than him!) was one level in which you have to shoot an arrow at a baby holding a balloon in order to get it to fall down and release the balloon. I’m not sure that would get past the committee in a modern game!

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